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Possum and Merino  Z120 Long Coat - Heavier weight long coat with v-shaped rib detail at collar and roll back cuffs.

Z120 Long Coat

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Possum and Merino

Z120 Long Coat - Heavier weight long coat with v-shaped rib detail at collar and roll back cuffs.

Black only

Made in New Zealand from a premium blend of 40% possum fur, 50% merino & 10% nylon.


The measurements shown in the size guide below are only a general guide and are not the actual garment measurements.  The measurements are to be used to indicate which garment size will be best for you to order. 

Garment length may vary depending on the style. Some styles have extra arm length for a turnback cuff – which can be worn uncuffed to achieve extra arm length.  

Take the actual measurements as follows:

  • Chest – Measure under your arms at the fullest part of your bust
  • Measure from the back middle of your neck, over the shoulder and down the arm to the wrist bone (overarm measurement)



    Chest (cm)

    Sleeve (cm)


    82 - 87

    64 - 71


    87 - 92

    71 - 76


    92 - 97

    76 - 79


    97 - 103

    79 - 82


    103 - 109

    82 - 85


    109 - 115

    85 - 88

     Manufacturers Care Instructions - How to correctly wash your knitwear

    Wash gently in warm or cool water (never hot!) using a wool detergent.  Spin in the washing machine and dry flat.  Do not tumble dry. For all our products we do recommend machine washing on a wool or delicate cycle over hand washing as this avoids the stretching/misshaping that can occur when agitating by hand in a tub.  The washing machine spin cycle also sheds most of the water as opposed to squeezing this out by hand which again can distort the shape of the item depending on the technique employed.  Some washing machines (this seems to be most prevalent in Europe) offer only a hot wash.  Under these circumstances hand washing is preferable as hot water is the natural enemy of wool!


    Possum fur is beautiful and soft to the touch.  It is the ultimate in luxury when used to create fashion wear garments. 

    Possum and Merino is a luxurious and uniquely New Zealand yarn made from the blending of two of our natural finest fibres – Possum fur and superfine Merino wool.  Each Possum fibre is hollow and thus gives excellent insulation whilst ensuring that the garments are lightweight and very soft. Possum fur has many health attributes also – holding its warmth and therefore assisting in blood flow.  It can be helpful to people who suffer from conditions that prevent them from keeping warm, such as diabetes and Raynaud’s disease, as it holds its warmth thereby assisting with blood flow.  As well as being incredibly soft and warm the yarn is strong and durable.  With its superior anti-piling qualities, it wears better than cashmere or mohair. 

    Originally introduced from Australia in the mid 1800s, the Possums in New Zealand eat many tonnes of our forests and natural habitation each night.  Therefore, our conservation groups encourage the commercial use of Possum fur fibre to help eradicate this pest and as such play an important role in the protection of New Zealand’s native fauna and flora.  By buying our products you too are helping save New Zealand’s natural habitat. 

    About Lothlorian

    Lothlorian Knitwear has grown to be one of New Zealand's leading producers of luxury New Zealand made knitwear and accessories.  From very humble beginnings back in 1991 in an implement shed on the farm of the company's founders.  The business has continued to transform and now combines world leading knitting technologies and processes with specialised yarn to produce a range of luxurious knitwear.

    Lothlorian Knitwear Limited is based in Pukekohe approximately 40 kilometres south of Auckland, New Zealand's largest city.  All of the products in our range are produced on our own premises.  We utilize the latest knitting technologies from around the world to create accessories and garments ensuring our knitwear is not only extremely good value but also of a consistently high quality.