Possum and Merino  NW5031 Trekka Sock - A Hard Wearing Trekka Sock.
Possum and Merino  NW5031 Trekka Sock - A Hard Wearing Trekka Sock.

NW5031 Trekka Sock

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Possum and Merino

NW5031 Trekka Sock - A Hard Wearing Trekka Sock.

Composition - 33% Possum Fur, 44% Merino, 7% Silk, 16% Synthetic

Care Instructions 

As they are natural fibres, Possum and Merino garments do not need as much washing and only handwashing is recommended.  Following the steps below will help to maintain your garments good looks into the future.  

Garments can be drycleaned 

Handwash gently.  To avoid fibre damage do not rub or wring. 

  • Turn your garment inside out.
  • Gently hand wash in lukewarm water. Do not rub.  Dye may run in the first wash.
  • Rinse thoroughly to remove all detergent. Do not wring.
  • Squeeze out water. Do not wring.  Wringing can damage the fibres.
  • A low to medium spin cycle in a washing machine is recommended to remove as much moisture as possible.
  • Lay flat to dry. Ease to shape while wet.
  • Dry in shade. 

DO NOT TUMBLE DRY - Tumble drying may cause garment shrinkage


Possum fur is beautiful and soft to the touch.  It is the ultimate in luxury when used to create fashion wear garments. 

Possum and Merino is a luxurious and uniquely New Zealand yarn made from the blending of two of our natural finest fibres – Possum fur and superfine Merino wool.  Each Possum fibre is hollow and thus gives excellent insulation whilst ensuring that the garments are lightweight and very soft. Possum fur has many health attributes also – holding its warmth and therefore assisting in blood flow.  It can be helpful to people who suffer from conditions that prevent them from keeping warm, such as diabetes and Raynaud’s disease, as it holds its warmth thereby assisting with blood flow.  As well as being incredibly soft and warm the yarn is strong and durable.  With its superior anti-piling qualities, it wears better than cashmere or mohair. 

Originally introduced from Australia in the mid 1800s, the Possums in New Zealand eat many tonnes of our forests and natural habitation each night.  Therefore, our conservation groups encourage the commercial use of Possum fur fibre to help eradicate this pest and as such play an important role in the protection of New Zealand’s native fauna and flora.  By buying our products you too are helping save New Zealand’s natural habitat. 

Weft Knitting Company

Weft Knitting Company produces the Noble Wilde brand of knitwear.  All of the product lines are knitted and made on a high technology knitting plant in Christchurch, New Zealand.  There is a strong company ethos of product design and development, quality and customer service which is very important to myself and all those who work for Weft. 

Sustainability - Weft Knitting have a clear statement on this.   They say 

We live by our philosophy to produce high quality garments that are fashionable, functional and innovative. 

Proudly made by a company that values its people, customers and local community whilst minimising our impact on the environment.  All of our garments are made in Christchurch, New Zealand (from local or imported materials). 

We seek to be custodians of our land and of our planet.  As a business we foster sustainable processes and practices to help protect and look after the environment. 

Some of the ways in which we are doing this are by reusing and recycling waste from the production of our product, as well as supporting our local community and charities. 

We acknowledge that this is an ongoing commitment and are working towards greater transparency and a more sustainable vision of our future with aims to remove plastic from our products and packaging by the end of 2020.  We are also working together with our suppliers to make sure that they take the same responsibility to foster new and sustainable practices. 

The subtle Noble Wilde colour palette is inspired by the natural beauty of the New Zealand landscape, the hues of sea, sky and stone. Over everything falls our golden southern light, the sun of our long summer evenings.